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AOPA Bulgaria participates in many activities like


Participation in various events related to aviation in the country and abroad, and presents the position of pilots and owners of light and ultralight aircraft.


Participation with other organizations in the development and evaluation of new documents concerning all administrative and operational matters of general aviation.

Experience exchange

Experience exchange with similar organizations in other countries to improve the efficiency in achieving its objectives.


Members assistance in the preparation and execution of flights with aircraft of general aviation to and from airports for public use of the Republic of Bulgaria and its airspace.


Variety of consulting services on request relating to the selection, purchase, registration and operation of aircraft of general aviation.


Partnering with the civil aviation regulator in the preparation of proposals for changes in the Civil Aviation Act and the subordinate base in the course of civil-military interaction. Partnering with the provider of air traffic services BULATSA with expert opinion and stance on issues related to the ASM, ATS, also AFIS and CATM in the vicinities of airfields, procedures for uncontrolled aerodromes and ruls in to uncontrolled airspace.

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