Ivan Nedyalkov is commercial pilot with many years of experience of various aircraft types from old Russian Tupolev till Boeing 777. Today he is a private pilot, actively flying in Bulgarian airspace.

-Ivan Nedyalkov / President

Angelov has 20+ years of successful administrative, business and managerial experience behind him. His very first feel with aviation was in mid 90s when he was in high school and today he is a proud owner of light and ultralight airplanes, pilot with years of experience.

-Angel Angelov

One of the AOPA Bulgaria founders, Stoimenov is an active commercial pilots with years of experience behind his back.

-Ianko Stoimenov

Stoilov is a businessman and privat pilot with many years of experience.

-Stoil Stoilov

Genchev works as Product Manager in one of the leading international technology companies in the world. He is a private pilot with hundreds hours of experience.

-Ventsislav Genchev