Ground Handling agreements

AOPA Bulgaria has negotiated the following terms for ground handling activities:

LBSF (Sofia Airport)

Omega Aviation

30EUR Basic Handling -; In case of urgency: call to +359887815821, +359889900840, +359882926061, +3598ga396500, +359882548957

LBSF (Sofia Airport)

SOF Connect

45 EUR -

LBWN&LBBG (Varna and Bourgas Airport)

Fraport Bulgaria - AOPA Memebrs shall be present at pre-agreed list. Please contact AOPA Bulgaria for details 72h prior flight.

On initial contact to the handling agent, please include the following information:

Company Details/AOPA ID, Registration, Origin, A/C type, MTOW, Destination, Date of operation, ETD, Crew/PAX, Sl/Services req uired
Handling requests shall be made no later than 24h prior the flight between 0800 and 2000LT.

If additional information is needed, please contact AOPA via info [at] or support [at]