In memory of George

On this day, when we would have celebrated the birthday of our dear and respected honorary member George Vlaykov, we at the Aircrafts Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA Bulgaria) feel the sadness of his loss. This year, the sky took away from us not just a pilot, but a person whose presence left indelible marks in our community.

George was not just a member of AOPA; his passion for flying and his dedication to the improvement of the art of aviation and his unwavering determination to inspire and train the next generation of pilots have left a lasting imprint.

Today, as we remember him, we see the sky not just as a space, but as an eternal home where his spirit continues to soar high. Every star in the evening sky reminds us of his brilliant smile and the light he brought into our lives. On this special day, let's remember George with a smile and gratitude.

With bright memory and deep respect,

Board of Directors AOPA Bulgaria

Posted in News on Dec 07, 2023